Founded in 1989

The Foundation for Chinese Dietary Culture was founded in 1989 as a private foundation for the research and transmission of Chinese dietary (and culinary) culture.

During the initial stages when the Mercuries Building was being constructed, the company was already considering the establishment of a library devoted to China’s traditional food culture and in the process consulted experts from many quarters. And in accordance with the desire of Chairman Mr. George Wong Chau-shi to collect all such texts from the world over, after a period of two years’ planning, the Library was formally opened. 

董事長 翁肇喜先生
Chairman of the Board George C.S. Wong

This was followed by the establishment of a Foundation dedicated to the research and transmission of various aspects connected with Chinese dietary culture, including astronomy and geography, history, literature, the arts, archaeology, cultural artifacts, folklore, rituals, folk customs, aesthetics, philosophy, life sciences, life culture, as well as the arts and skills of the kitchen. Over the past several years, the Foundation has gradually taken shape, earning recognition from all social sectors. And from its actual implementation and activities, the Foundation has come to know that its work in some measure has contributed to promoting such awareness, and hopes with the help of scholars and through inter-disciplinary approach to lift research in dietary culture onto an academic level.

For this the Foundation has already sponsored several international conferences on Chinese Dietary Culture, and on Food and Beverage Management. It has also provided scholarship funds for MA and PhD candidates working on related theses, assisted in the publication of related academic works, and published collected papers. Moreover, it has made available to the general public its library resources, its search and retrieve facilities as well as its library staff. Recently we have participated in all manner of scholarly activities in order to reach the goal of organizing and exchanging our resources.