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This library uses the HyLib automated system, comprising cataloguing and search system so that readers can by using key search terms like title, author, or single keywords, category number etc. to locate needed material online.
Online services
Our holdings are uploaded so that readers can search our materials online. In 2000 we joined the National Libraries’“National Bibliographic Information Network” (NBINet) to better serve our readers. In 2016 we have the new WebPAC: HyLib.
Database of Dietary Culture & Management
News clippings from Taiwan from 1988 to the present.
Menus of the state banquets from the time of former president Chiang Kai-shek to the present, and menus of Chinese and Western restaurants in Taiwan and abroad.
The proceedings of each conference and symposium on Chinese Dietary Culture.
The proceedings of the Symposium on Food & Beverage Management.
The Proceedings of the National Health Conference.
A volume combining the proceedings of the 2012 Symposium on Taiwan Dietary Culture and of the 2012 Food and Beverage Management Conference.
Quarterly of the Foundation of Chinese Dietary Culture.
Journal of Chinese Dietary Culture.
Ryori•Taiwan magazine.
Photographs of dishes from each Taiwan Culinary Exhibition since 2003; photographs of food exhibitions at home and abroad over the years and of dishes that were presented.
Copies of the PhD and master’s degree theses sponsored by the Foundation.
The digital books on various specialized topics published by the Foundation.
Videos of the various conferences on food culture and food & beverage management.
Rare Books.
Rare book collection database
This includes more than 1,000 volumes of rare books owned by the Foundation that date back to the years before 1949.