Conferences Introduction

Begun in 1989
Begun in 1989, the Symposium has been held once every other year.


In order to elevate Chinese culinary arts to a cultural level with its own system as a branch of learning, the Foundation in 1989 held its first “Conference on Chinese Dietary Culture” and brought together scholars from all disciplines so that they could share ideas and experiences and seek consensus. The ultimate goal is to promote the movement of research into Chinese dietary culture and to encourage scholars the world over to undertake related research, in order to elevate the academic standing of studies in Chinese dietary culture.


From 1989 to the present the Foundation has hosted thirteen biannual conferences for which it has invited distinguished international scholars like Academicians Li Yi-yuan and Chang Kuang-chih, and Professor Jack Goody from Great Britain, Professor Ishige Naomichi from Japan, Professor Sidney Mintz from America, and other scholars from nearly twenty countries including Great Britain, France, Germany, America, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, among others. Twenty to thirty papers have been read at each conference. These are published after each meeting in Proceedings volumes, with a combined total of 440 papers, effectively preserving the researches on and dissemination of Chinese dietary culture.